What Are the Different Types of Roofs? A Guide to the Best Roofing Options

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The roof is perhaps the most important feature to focus on when you’re building a new home or commercial property. It not only protects the property from weather elements but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal. You have several options to choose from, but what are the different types of roofs available?

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Common Roofing Materials Contractors Use

Before learning about various roofing styles, it’s important to understand the many types of roof materials that contractors use in installation projects. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular materials on the market because of their design versatility and cost-effectiveness. Shingle roofs can also use materials like wood, clay, and concrete for a different appeal. 

Many people are opting for long-lasting materials on their roofs to ensure they get the most out of their investment. A slate roof can last significantly longer than other materials, while metal roofing has advantages both in terms of longevity and energy savings. 

Ask a roofing contractor, “What are the different types of roofs, and which material works best for each one?” and they’ll likely tell you that sloped roofs have more choices. Flat roofs, on the other hand, must use specific materials. 

Sloped Roofing Styles Buildings Use

Roof designs can vary greatly depending on the structure’s slope. Homes and buildings with higher slopes have more variety in terms of roof design, while low-slope roofs typically appear flat. Check out some of the most popular types of sloped roof designs below. 

Gable Roof

If you were to draw a house on paper and show the roof as having two sides meeting in the middle to form a triangle, you’d be looking at a gable roof. This style is one of the most common for residential roofs, and the slope of the gable can vary for each property. Roofers often work on traditional gable roofs as well as its two variations: Clipped gable and Dutch gable roofs. 

Gambrel Roof

Picture the roof of a barn. The top portion features two small sides with a gentle slope that then turns into two larger roofing areas with a very steep slope. This is known as a gambrel roof, which often features asphalt shingles as the primary material. 

Hip Roof

What are the different types of roofs most commonly used in home designs? Along with gables, a hip roof is one style you’ll often find on houses. Rather than having two sides that meet at a point, hip roofs have four sides that have the same slope and meet in the middle. 

Shed Roof

Many contemporary homes feature a shed roof, which resembles half of a traditional gable roof. This design features prominently among porches or additions, but modern builders are beginning to use it exclusively for an entire property. One of the top benefits of this style is that it promotes water runoff when using a larger slope. 

Flat Roofs and Their Materials

What are the different types of roofs for industrial buildings? Many commercial properties utilize flat roofs, although this name can be deceiving. They appear completely flat, but a small slope is necessary to allow for water drainage, which is why you’ll also hear experts refer to them as low-slope roofs. 

Flat roofs use synthetic materials such as modified bitumen, EPDM rubber, and PVC. These materials protect the structure from water leaks, which are a common issue for low-slope roofs if installers fail to waterproof the top and place materials incorrectly. 

Flat roofs are most often found among commercial buildings but some homes feature this style for a sleek design. If you’re considering building a home with a low-slope roof, consult with a licensed roofing contractor about the project. They can help you determine the right material to place overhead and give you tips for preventing roof leaks. 

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