When To Replace Your Roof in Twin Cities

Mar 22, 2024 | Uncategorized

Knowing when to replace your roof can save you money and prevent significant property damage. What is the average roof replacement timing and what major indicators should you look out for? The experts at Ascension Roofing & Siding explain when to replace roof materials in this helpful guide. 

Count on the Twin Cities ‘trusted roofing company if you need help determining roof replacement necessity. Ascension Roofing & Siding will review all roof replacement considerations with you so you can protect your property for years to come. 

Common Signs for Roof Replacement: What To Look For

You don’t have to wait for a major disaster to happen to know when you need to replace your roof. Experts recommend keeping an eye out for the following issues. As soon as you spot any of these warning signs, find a contractor to perform a roof replacement before the damage worsens. 

Curling or Missing Shingles

The timing for replacing roof shingles usually depends on the material’s condition. Asphalt shingles continue to be one of the most common types of roof in the Twin Cities, but they don’t last forever. If your roof has asphalt shingles, be mindful of their appearance. 

You might notice the bottom of the shingles curling upward due to wind damage while some pieces might detach from your roof entirely. While a contractor may be able to replace the missing shingles, any compromises to the roof’s structure call for installing a brand-new roof. Keep an eye out for small shingle granules on the ground as well since this indicates a loss of the shingles’ protective layer. 

The Roof Reaches the End of Its Lifespan

Knowing when to replace roof materials depends on the lifespan of your structure. Asphalt shingles, for example, have a shorter lifespan and usually last between 20 and 30 years. You’ll need to keep a record of previous roof installations and use that to figure out how long your roof may last. 

If you don’t want to replace your roof every 20 years or so, consider installing the following roofing materials:

  • Clay tiles: You won’t have to worry about replacing a roof with clay tiles in your lifetime. The material lasts around 100 years. 
  • Metal roofing: The average metal roof has a lifespan of 80 years and provides significant benefits to property owners. 
  • Slate tiles: Extremely durable and attractive slate tiles can last up to 150 years. 

Moss and Fungi Take Over the Roof

No one wants their Twin Cities roof to have huge patches of unsightly moss or mold growing on it. How do you know when to replace roof structures if you notice some evidence of moss or fungi? These areas trap moisture and may increase the risk of roof leaks. 

If you brush some of the residue off of your roof but large patches remain, enlist a professional roofer to inspect the structure. They can let you know if the roof requires replacement. Trim tree branches that shade the roof to prevent the growth of moss or mold. 

Roof Sagging

Secure roofs do not sag inward. If this happens to your roof, schedule an inspection immediately. Roofers will likely find excess moisture beneath the surface and rotting boards. 

Ignoring the problem will likely cause the sagging to worsen and put your roof at risk of collapsing. Replacing the structure proves to be the safest solution. 

Evidence of a Roof Leak

Water damage may only require repairs, but in severe cases, a leak serves as the best indicator of when to replace roof structures in the Twin Cities. Regularly clean your gutters to prevent water pooling on the roof and check for the following within your house:

  • Water stains on the ceilings or walls
  • Paint peeling from the walls
  • Damp areas or puddles in your attic

Experiencing any of these issues points to a leak somewhere in the roof. The damage could be widespread and require replacing the structure. Have a contractor inspect the roof to confirm the leak and develop a course of action. 

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection in the Twin Cities

If you’re unsure of when to replace roof materials, the team at Ascension Roofing & Siding can help. Reach out to their friendly specialists and request a roof inspection to check for damage. If your roof is past its prime, they will provide you with a straightforward roof replacement cost estimate and help you select a roofing material that suits your home and budget. 

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