How To Inspect Your Roof for Hail Damage

Jun 27, 2024 | Uncategorized

When hail strikes, the damage it leaves can result in a lot of uncertainty. Your yard, driveway, and cars are all subject to a certain degree of damage, but none are more at risk than your roof. If you’re wondering how to inspect your roof for hail damage, consider asking Ascension Roofing & Sliding, Twin Cities’ qualified roofers, about how to evaluate damage signs on all kinds of roof types.

Signs of Hail Damage on Your Roof

When it comes to roof damage, an inspection can only do so much to put your mind at ease. It can definitely help to look into your damage so that you can file a proper insurance claim. Once you find all your problems, you can get a professional roofer to come and fix your issue for you.

After a hail storm, it’s smart to go and assess your damage, even if you think the dents or scratches aren’t severe enough for a claim. If you’ve experienced substantial hailing recently, consider keeping an eye out for some of the following issues.

Dents on Metal

Storms can cause significant damage to the metal parts of your roof. Any vents, chimneys, or skylights are subject to wear and tear, especially if the hail is exceptionally big. Keep an eye out for dents and deformities, taking pictures of any new developments if you come across hail spots that managed to leave a ding.

Metal roofing, in particular, can be particularly susceptible to issues. It’s relatively easy to recognize the damage that comes from hail when you investigate metal roofing, which often has small but concentrated dents and dings that may cluster in a certain area. While the structure may not be entirely compromised, damage like this can only worsen and complicate over time. Consider getting a professional to look at your roof situation after you file an insurance claim on it so that you don’t risk any leaks.

Damaged Exterior Appliances

Wonder how to inspect the roof for hail damage? Make sure you examine any appliances attached to it. Under certain circumstances, for example, HVAC professionals may install part of your air conditioner on your roof. If this is damaged, then your roof may have sustained additional damage, as well.

While you may not find sizable dents in your air conditioner, you may find scuff marks on the steel that you can identify and photograph for your insurance company. Generally, air conditioner units that have external components are sturdy enough not to lose functionality after a few hail strikes. Just to be safe, if you have doubts concerning your air conditioner, try to consult an HVAC technician to give it the check-up it needs.

Chipped Paint or Wooden Surfaces

On your roof, you may find chipped paint from hail strikes. While a simple instance of chipped paint may not be enough to file an insurance claim, documenting cases can help you organize what you need to fix in the future.

Worn Shingles

Another aspect of hail damage you account for is the wear and tear that hail can bring to your shingles. Unlike metal, shingles typically don’t have dents from hail damage. However, they can have worn down, almost circular spots from each strike that leave your shingles weak and less prepared for the next storm.

Over time, these damages can accelerate into roof deterioration. This is why it’s important to document and address the issues so they don’t cause even more issues over time. These circles of impact may not look like much, but if these indents are left over time, they may eventually cause water leaks.

Staying Safe While Checking for Damage

If you want to check your roof for hail damage, you’ll want to work with care. Try to observe your roof’s condition from the ground, if you can. If you can’t, make sure you have a sturdy ladder, wear appropriate safety gear, and have someone with you to ensure safety. Write down what damage you notice, the day and time you noticed it, and any other details you can think of.

Work With Ascension Roofing & Sliding

Now that you know how to inspect your roof for hail damage, why not trust Ascension Roofing & Sliding with all of your damage recovery needs for your roof? We understand that getting your roof fixed can be inconvenient, but we hope with our hassle-free service that we can make it easy. Consider reaching out to us about any storm damage to learn more about how we can make your home recovery fast and efficient.

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