Gutter Installation & Repair Services

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve never thought about the importance of gutters unless they were in need of replacement or repair. Unfortunately, by then you’ve realized how easily and extensively your home can be damaged by heavy rain and water that seeps into crevices along the roofline or the foundation.

Once water is introduced, the risk of rot, mold and termite infestation increases dramatically. But with a gutter system in good repair and working properly your home should be protected against most kinds of water damage.

Most residential gutters are constructed of aluminum, vinyl, steel, copper or wood. The most popular residential gutters – aluminum – come in many colors, but they can also be painted. Another great bonus with aluminum is you never have to worry about rusting.

Vinyl is lightweight, but beware, excessive sun will eventually discolor vinyl gutters.

Steel can come galvanized and Galvalume and stainless can be painted. But steel is heavy and can be difficult to handle.

Copper is beautiful and can add an artistic accent to any home, but it is expensive so it is usually only used in restoration projects.

Wood gutters, normally made from either cedar or hemlock, are also usually only used in homes that are being restored.

An experienced Ascension Roofing & Siding professional will help you choose the right materials for your gutters taking into account the style of your home, the number of trees in your yard and the climate in which you live. We’ll help you consider if specialty gutters that are designed with a built-in cover to keep leaves and other debris out of the gutter while allowing the water to flow through, are the right choice for you.

There are also some choices in the shape of your gutter including Half Round, a half circle, usually only used in turn of the century architecture and K-Style, which is flat on the bottom and with a decorative shape on its front.

Whatever material or design you select for new or replacement gutters, or if you have gutters that are in need of repair, the one choice you need to make right away, is to call the pros at Ascension Roofing & Siding. We’re here for you for all your gutter needs.